Friday, 25 October 2013

Live at the Oratory.

On Wednesday of this week the British Confraternity of Catholic Clergy held its Annual Colloquium at the Oratory in Oxford.
I took the above photo towards the end of the day, outside the church, capturing only some of the participants. 
I took part in the Colloquium last year for the first time and was again warmed by the experience of meeting priests from up and down the country; so seldom do we get together. The various speakers helped to give form and content to the day, and I was glad to meet Bishop Jarrett again from Australia.
Thanks go to the Fathers of the Oratory for welcoming us for the day; yesterday the first group of Fathers arrived in York to begin establishing an Oratory at St Wilfred's in York. May both these priestly movements be a source of light today. 

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