Friday 4 April 2014

The Pearl of York.

It was a great joy, last Saturday, to take part in the annual St Margaret Clitherow Pilgrimage in York. In the photo above the procession is just setting off from St Wilfred's to move through the city.
Fr Richard Duffield preached a great sermon during the Mass, speaking of how she died to protect people such as ourselves, and that, although we come on pilgrimage to honour her, we come firstly to seek her prayers.
We stopped briefly to pray outside her shrine in The Shambles before moving on to the site of her execution on the Ouse Bridge.
This year's pilgrimage was marked by the welcome we received by the Oratorian Fathers who now run the city parish of St Wilfred's; may their life and apostolate be a beneficiary of the powerful intercession of the Pearl of York.

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Samuel Sheridan-Garrity said...

I also attended this event. What a great witness to walk the streets of York saying the Rosary. St Margaret CLitheroe, Pray for us.