Saturday 5 October 2019

Another new beginning.

Today, Bishop Marcus celebrated Holy Mass to open and re-inaugurate the church of St Patrick in Bradford, the mission church of the Friars of the Renewal in the Leeds Diocese.
The Bishop was emphatic that this reopening was not a reclaiming of a past Catholic culture, but was a new venture for the mission of the Church today.
Many do not get, or do not want to get the new evangelisation, but Bishop Marcus does. The Friars of the Renewal now have an even greater base for being a centre of the mission today. Although they are not a parish, parishes far and wide can take their project as a model for themselves.
Take a look at the Friar's website:
I am so pleased for the Friars, who have worked selflessly for this enterprise, and which is now developing in a really encouraging way. Keep up the prayers for this arm of the Church - that it will go from strength to strength.


Et Expecto said...

How pleasing to see this church reopened. The architect was George Goldie, and it was one of his first churches. He later went on to design St Wilfrid's in York, as well as many other churches. His son was also an architect and designed St James' Spanish Place in London. His grandson also designed churches.

Latin Mass contact said...

The sermon pulled no punches either. It was a superbly crafted piece filled with Catholic teaching.