Monday 30 March 2020

Towards a real vision

Isn't it great to wake up in Our Lady's Dowry!
I have been asked a few times in life about which country I would really like to live in.
Instinctively I have been able to answer immediately: I would like to live in pre-Reformation England.
Well, now that we have made new the Rededication of England as the Dowry of Mary, we are tapping into a very old tradition, but more importantly, into a spirituality - a desiring to share our lives and their content with the Blessed Mother.
A dowry presupposes that a marriage is near, and about this we want our whole country to be a part of that marriage, which is the fullness of union between Christ and his Church.
All marriage need working at, and now we have a real contact and a renewed purpose to build the vision of the Church in this land.

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