Friday 14 August 2020

Summer Session of the SJMV 2020


This photo of the priest members of the SJMV was taken on 5th August 2020 at the Foyer in Art, France.
I am fifth from the left on the back row. There is an empty space on the right hand side; this is purely by chance and not because a priest had fallen over the railings behind.
The weather for our session was beautiful. The week before it had been 39C, the week following our session was 39C, but during our session it was between 23 and 26C.
We welcomed around a dozen new priest members into the Society at the various stages of engagement, and I was struck again by the evident and overriding ethos of the Society - carefully and intentionally to nurture the lives and supernatural vocations of Diocesan priests.
I wish I had known about and had joined the Society twenty years before I did. St John Vianney, keep us all before God.

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