Monday 18 January 2021

Sad news


Earlier today I learned, from social media, of the death of Mrs Daphne Mcleod, a leader of the Catholic Faith, and especially of Catechesis, in our country.

As a young man, I met Mrs McLeod on two occasions in the early 1980s; once in Preston and once at Westminster Central Hall. Both of these occasions were hugely inspiring and influential for me as they occurred just before I went into seminary. Almost single-handedly she set me up for what I was to encounter at seminary, and how to respond from a Catholic perspective. I am still deeply grateful to her.

I know too, that she was a tremendous presence in the Church in this country for decades, informing and forming many people's consciences and intellects about the Faith and the Church. I don't know where we would have been without her. I think that we had a saint in our midst!

I hope that in due course her life will be written up more fully, by those who are competent to do so, and so that her life and her witness can be helpful to, and inspire new generations. I will offer Mass for her next week.

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