Thursday, 1 May 2008

Media talk available

The talk I gave in Soho last week, "Building the Civilisation of Love in a media-driven world", is now available on - via the "Media" button.
This pic was taken a few weeks ago walking along the old city walls of York.


Anonymous said...

That was a very good read, Fr Richard. JP2 called the TV "the electronic baby-sitter". However when the children come home from school, and say "My homework tonight is to watch Hollyoaks and describe the relationship between X and X." X and X are either gay/fornicating/incesting. The study, it turns out is about how the media portrays people who are "different". Celebrating diversity. What happens is, a few parents make a few noises, get written off as nutters and it carries on. I suppose it is building the civilization of love, but it really doesn`t feel like it.

Fr Richard Aladics said...

What is the point in the children being in such a school at all?

Anonymous said...

That is a very good question, Fr Richard. But, this is typical. This IS a Catholic school. It HAS been threatened with closure this year. We HAVE fought it hard, because there is something of the truth of a Catholic education hanging in there. It is a mustard seed, though. It is very tempting, believe me, to throw in the towel (and I speak for many many faithful Catholic parents here) and say "stuff you, you`re just not perfect enough yet"
But here is the uncomfortable truth: God's hope for each of us is infinite. We abort human life, we ignore his standards for living, we use His Catholic schools to promote secularism. His response is this: He allows us to continue breeding, He is slow to anger, He saves our school.

He expects us to stand and do our duty.... not cop out because it`s too difficult. Exactly what IS the alternative ?

It is easy to say - well, Just close them down, they`re a waste Of money, use the money for proper catechesis etc. I do not think that is the solution either. While God has given us the schools, we have a duty to fight for them.

I often wonder where those who shout loudest "close the schools down, they're just Palagean cess-pits(spelt wrong probably, as I went to a crap Catholic comprehensive) might send THIER children if they had any ? It`s a lovely intellectual argument, until you have to live it.

You`ll find it`s the people actually fighting for the children that understand how to walk the walk. IT.IS.A.BATTLE.

And we`re mostly too weary to talk.

Fr Richard Aladics said...

Bernadette, keeping silent wont win the day!

Anonymous said...

Keeping silent is not one of my gifts, sadly. I wish it were. I would be in a lot less trouble most of the time and lose a lot less sleep.