Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Thinking about dating 1

Are you a woman looking for a man? Look for a man who is a son, a brother and a father. Look for a man who is already a spiritual father – he’s a protector, a defender, a leader, he is a brother to both man and women. Look at the way he treats other men. Look at who his friends are, at who he is close to – he can’t fake this. How does he treat other women. Is he is good spiritual son; does he serve, does he obey, does he say “how can I help?” Does he show up early and contribute. Does he do humble things behind the scenes?

(Thanks to David Sloan for this idea.)


berenike said...

And read the archives of Still Seraphic (she's not actually a Mad Trad, though the top post might suggest so!)

Anonymous said...

Hard to find such a man! It's good advice but such men are extremely few and far between. In England in our Catholic Parishes there's a whole generation missing, maybe even two. Those thinking of dating are blessed to find a practicing Catholic never mind someone with all the qualities you list!

Fr Richard Aladics said...

I agree with Anonymous. But the point you make also presents to us the reality of the New Evangelisation, as a challenge. In orther words, the need to rebuild Christian personality via the the family and via the ecclesial community.