Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Thinking about dating 2

Are you a man looking for a woman? Look for a woman who is a daughter, sister and mother. Look for a woman who is a spiritual mother now, someone who is a spiritual daughter now, a woman who is a good sister to both men and women. If all her friends are men – what does this mean? Don’t make up a list of qualities that you would want in a potential spouse – this is what you do when you go to buy a car or a house.

Where do we find such people?
In Christian families and the relationships which comprise them; these yield good fruit and this is the source of the man or woman of our dreams. However, we need to transform our parish communities and their ministries so that single people are drawn into the life of the Church. Our parishes are not working if they are not bringing us together to be mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers to one another.
The need for renewal here requires a radical response - such is the urgent call of the New Evangelisation.

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