Tuesday 23 February 2010

One moralism versus another

Ed Ball's new step in building atheistsic secularism in Britain with regard to Sex Education in schools (via a thinly disguised totalitarianism), rounds upon the teaching of the new secular moralism. However, it is said of Catholic Schools that they teach another moralism - one which is not fit for this age - one in which contraception, abortion, homosexuality etc, are wrong. What can we say about this?
Well, Catholic schools are not supposed to be teaching any form of moralism but rather, the Mystery of Faith. The moral life of the Christian flows out of the Mystery of Faith, but the hinge is the Mystery of Faith. Are Catholic Schools in Britain teaching the Mystery of Faith? Not in my experience.

The matter at hand raises two issues. First, why send our children to school (Catholic or otherwise)? The culture of British schools is not a fitting context, in any case, for children and young people to be formed in (unless they are bastions of Faith). Secondly, who will build a context in which our children and young people can be formed in? Our parishes, spouses, associations of spouses and families, the new movements? We can't leave our children to the mercy of the British Goverment or secular society and its culture (which is what we are presently doing, in the main).

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