Tuesday, 30 March 2010

What would Mary wear?

Recently I joined the new Facebook group "What would Mary wear" and I support the new blog www.wwmaryw.blogspot.com becuase they are addressing a foundational element of civilisation - the garb of women. Today, there is an urgent need to take ground from the secular vision which is the current basis for women's clothes, a culture and its accompanying vision for education which has failed women so badly. When I was studying in Valencia, Spain, ten years ago, I was aware that just about all young women from about 13 to 25 years dressed as though clones of a most inappropriate model. The need for a whole new sense of women's garb is much overdue but, I suspect that it will be a renaissance of Christian life rather than a new genre of designers, who will enable women to regain their dignity and femininity through clothing - this is a real need today. It is the spiritual which needs to be given form.

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