Thursday 1 April 2010

A 1000 hours later

At the end of the "40 Days for Life" Vigil, and after almost a thousand hours of continual prayer outside Sydney's down-town Abortion Clinic, a get-together was held for the participants in one of Sydney's more convivial venues. After food and drink there were a number of speeches and presentations, including live performances of the two songs which were written for the Vigil, and which can be found on YouTube. Many priests had taken part in the Vigil, but as the only priest present at this celebartion I spoke about the strong bond which exists between Pro-life and the New Evangelisation, both embracing an openness to God's plan.
I also paid tribute to the students of Campion College who had taken part in the whole course of the Vigil, and who argueably had made such a great effort to do so because of the distance between Campion and the Clinic. Indeed, it is a great characteristic of the student body of Campion College that they are so Pro-life and so open to take part actively in pro-life initiatives in Sydney.

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