Monday, 28 June 2010

Real evangelisation

The relegation of the place of virtue by secular culture is, arguably, one of secularisms triumphs. Secularism coincides with a diminishing of humanity, whose essential hinge is the nurturing and exercise of virtue - the inner power of genuine humanity. Secularism has changed the goals which humanity set for itself and allowed itself to be formed by. Celebrity, life-style and conformism are some of the popular aspirations. In such a context, it is well to remember humanity's ultimate goal - adoration of God.
Here, let us recall the essential mission of parents (and education) in forming, first children and then young people, to be able to adore God. It would be valuable here, time permitting, to look at the virtues involved in this genuine human project. However, let me just note that those who are today the principal recipients of formation, the hinge of culture and civilisation are today's parents themselves. Young people who are considering the married vocation, or those who are recently married are they who should allow themselves to acquire the very best formation for the life and the task which they undertake today in a bewildered age.

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