Thursday 20 June 2013

The attempt.

I took this photo in New Zealand, South Island in 2010; it came to mind as wrote this post.
The attempt to establish same-sex couples within the institution of Marriage by the British Parliament is an expression of the disintegration of Western Civilisation, as we knew it. It is a disintegration which coincides with the call to a new evangelisation which Paul VI first, prophetically, made in 1975. Faith and culture have come apart, he said in Evangelii Nuntiandi, and therefore we need a new era of evangelisation. This was a far more important thing for the Pope to say than if he had given an analysis of the nature of contemporary secularisation.
The UK attempt to insert same-sex couples into Marriage is also an expression of the British Parliament’s current patronising attitude to its electorate: telling people how they are to live, and what they are to think and believe. In the absence of morality, law has become its substitute. Law is morality in the UK.
But if we do not have even a basic understanding of morality how can we, the electorate, or our elected representatives, make genuine decisions about our society (since in fact, all decisions are moral ones)? During recent parliamentary debates about this same-sex issue, the words “moral” and “morality” were used in an empty way. The attempt to introduce same sex couples into marriage is not about the rights of homosexuals but is about Marriage itself; it is about trying to change Marriage. However, we do not adequately understand the phenomenon of homosexuality, whereas we do understand what Marriage is. Moreover, we do not know what will take place if a Government incorporates of a “lack of understanding” into society. When David Steele introduced the Abortion Bill into the UK in 1968, he set in motion a process of decay. We have no idea now what it means for society if men step aside wholesale from their responsibilities. We have no idea how such a society can function. So, this attempt by our Government is not merely an example of the ‘dictatorship of relativism’, but is something for more dangerous; it is an adventure in a vacuum; most people cannot see the red lights flashing. 
What lies ahead for us, in the near future, now that the strength of men is failing?

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