Thursday 13 June 2013


The site of the ancient gallows at Warwick is on the old Banbury Road which leads south east out of Warwick, Grid Ref. SP298637. The photo above shows the Gallows Hill Road; the gallows would have been on the crest of the road, on the right hand or south side of the road. 
Well, as you can see, the verge is used as extra parking space to the nearby Business Estate, and there is no memorial to the martyrs who died here.
Blessed William Freeman, priest, my ancestor, hung, drawn and quartered on 13th August 1595.
Blessed John Sugar, priest, hung, drawn and quartered on 16th July 1604.
Blessed Robert Grissold, layman, hung on 16th July 1604.
I sowed some poppy seeds there some weeks ago and would be glad if anyone could tell me if they come to flower. More importantly, would anyone like to help me endeavour to establish a memorial near to this place in honour of these our countrymen?
The photo below shows the site from the other side of the hedge and treeline; an altogether nicer prospect, looking north west to Warwick, where the castle and the tower of St Mary's can be seen.

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