Thursday, 15 August 2013

How can we respond?

In the light of what I have said about Corpus Christi Catechetical College and its influence on the Church in England and Wales, what would I recommend in terms of ways in which we could respond in the present context? These following comments must, of course, be made in a general way because the way in which you personally could respond depends upon who you are and upon your situation.

First, ask God for light. Appeal to the Holy Spirit. Be led by God. This should be the basis and foundation of all our ‘doings’; that before ‘doing’ any thing, we might be able to receive and welcome the Word of God.

Secondly, consider taking part in a Catholic Conference, Retreat or Pilgrimage; there are many opportunities to choose from here. I think that it is important that we try to see a bigger picture, see what others are doing, and actually come into contact with them.

Thirdly, take one or more of the English and Welsh Martyrs for your inspiration and model. These are our fellow countrymen who actually opened up a way for the Church in this country. In a certain sense, they are our starting point.

Fourthly, receive formation yourself. If you wish to really participate in the Mission of the Church then you need to be formed. Maryvale Institute in Birmingham would be an obvious place to look, but there are many other ways, and at different levels. But seek formation which will prepare you for the area that you feel called to work in. The better formed you are the more effective you can hope to be.

Fifthly, the call for a renewed Catechetics is one which Pope Benedict made repeatedly, particularly with reference to parish life. There is need for a renewed Catechetics at all levels: principally adults and parents, then young people, then children. There are tremendous resources available now: Evangelium; Come, follow me; Faith in the Family; Fit for Mission; Engaged, etc. If you are clear about what you want to do, then locating resources to enable you, will not be a difficult thing. Joining forces with others and planning a project together will probably be more difficult to achieve – that is why submitting all to God in prayer should be your first endeavour.

I took the above photo recently of the Knight's memorial above the choir in Tewksbury Abbey.

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