Monday, 1 October 2018

26th Sunday, Cycle B.

Have you ever been in a place that's being remodelled? It's usually quite messy, with signs apologising for the inconvenience, but promising a great new look. Well, that's what we can be like too when we are endeavouring to get rid of the evil that is in us. And that's good, and we should support one another in this great process.
Today, with the fall off in recognising our sin, and in the consequent fall off in receiving the sacrament of penance, we end up going about our lives with that evil, poorly concealed and hanging around. Grace doesn't flow and we are atrophied.
The Lord is right, let's attend to the evil in us, undergo the remodelling and be free.
(Sorry, I was a bit late with this Sunday's. I was on pilgrimage in Walsingham on Saturday.)

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