Friday 12 October 2018

Boundary rosary.

In January of this year my parish was amalgamated with one of its neighbouring parishes, that of St Thomas More. This was a difficult experience particularly for the parishioners of St Thomas More who saw their church closed.
A consequence of the amalgamation is that we now have a new, larger, parish boundary. In January 2019 I will use the Rite of Blessing of a Parish, from the Roman Ritual, to bless our new, larger, parish on the first anniversary of the amalgamation This will be the third time that I have performed this Rite.
In preparation for this blessing groups of parishioners have prayed the Rosary while walking sections of the boundary. We hope to have completely ringed the parish with prayer before the Blessing in January. This prayer has been offered for everyone who lives within our parish territory.
The above photo was taken about a month ago on the northern part of the parish boundary, looking north to Leeds. The M1 motorway is just visible in the right of the photo. What gorgeous, sweeping fields we have in the parish, intersected by a wonderful network of footpaths.

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