Saturday 1 December 2018

Honouring Aske.

Yesterday, by Clifford's Tower in the centre of York a plaque was unveiled which honours the memory of Robert Aske, the leader of the Pilgrimage of Grace, who was put to death by King Henry VIII on 12th July 1537. Here are some of the photos that I took:
This new plaque was unveiled under the auspices of the Civic Trust of York, by the Bishop of Middlesborough, in the presence of the Lord Mayor of York and the Sheriff of Yorkshire. The project as a whole had been led by that marvellous apostolate, The Knights of St Columba, many of whom were present. 
Of Robert Aske we know only the broad historical details, but enough to know that he was a good man living under a terrible tyranny. What is noteworthy is the desire, within our society, to honour the person. The genuine 'honouring of persons' is something that persists in our secular society, and the words that were spoken at this unveiling expressed a deep longing - this land is Catholic, although it's State is protestant.
Particular thanks to the Knights of St Columba for carrying this project through.

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