Thursday 4 February 2021

A typical day in lock-down.


Broadly speaking, for the part eight months I have lived the following schedule.

6.05am Petit Levee. Make tea. Reading followed by spiritual reading.
7.05am Grande Levee. Light wood-burning stove. Pray the Divine Office, Matins, Laudes, Terce. Consult diary. Consult parish email. Note particular appointments etc.
8.30am Celebrate the Mass, followed by a time of prayer.
9.30am Make phone calls, reply to emails, schedule on-line presence.
10.30am Petit déjeuner; oeufs o saucisse grillée avec tomate, o fromage grillée, o jambon avec salad, o chorizo con habas etc.
11am Preparation of presentations/resources
12.30am Walk of 3 to 4 miles.
2pm Continuation of preparation of presentations.
3pm Dejuner, the main meal of the day.
4.30pm Phone calls, emails.
5pm Vespers and Compline.
5.30pm Reading
6pm Shorter walk and rehearsal of presentations.
7 - 8.30pm Zoom calls/seminars.
9pm Fin du jour.
9.45pm A coucher. 25 mins light reading. Pleine nuit.

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