Tuesday 17 July 2007

Another world

The first leg of my break brought me to Provence - I like this country more than any other. The first thing to notice was the weather - very different from ours. 28C and dry. The second thing to notice is that the village where we stayed - Villecroze - was just like "Minas Tirith" in "The Lord of the Rings".

Even the house where we stayed called to my mind the lodgings where Gandalf and Pippin were housed just before the siege of Gondor.

We had a superb week, cycling, swimming in fresh water and salt, and praying all the while for the new evangelisation of the UK.


Bijoy said...
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DrMatthewDoyle said...

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Fr Richard Aladics said...

Matt, what does SPAM mean and how is the above comment SPAM? I'm not clued up on this. Fr R

Fr Julian Green said...

It means it is a message sent randomly to lots of different blogs in order to advertise something. After all since when have we been posting about the Essenes? First century Gnostic sects have not yet attracted our ire.