Tuesday, 11 September 2007

An ex-gangster in the north

John Pridmore, the ex-gangster, and the St Patrick's Mission Community, supported by the Friars of the Renewal, are in Bradford this week giving a parish mission in St Joseph's. Last night John spoke about how the Father's love had sought him out and changed his life, he gave an electrifying witness to the presence of Christ in the Sacrament of Penance and in the Eucharist, and he called on St Joseph's parishioners to draw close to Christ and to disregard the other voices around us that make us forget the presence of God.
A great number of people had come to the first evening service of the mission and filled the beautiful church of St Joseph near the city centre.

Twice John referred to the strength of faith of Catholics in Yorkshire in times past, idicating what fertile ground Yorkshire is for Christ and the Gospel. If you can come, the Mission Service is at 7.00pm each evening this week.
St Margaret Clitherow pray for us and for the conversion of many.


Victoria said...

I heard John speak on EWTN and his dry, matter-of-fact delivery emphasised the dramatic nature of his conversion. Electric was definitely the word.

Anonymous said...

It's great that John's conversion has been total & lasting & that he continues to inspire..thanks for the post & information.

Arthur Bea said...

I wish I had heard this, and what a beautiful Church, marvellous to see a Church of that size packed