Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Revisiting 'Humanae vitae'

I have begun placing resources for the 40th anniversary of Paul VI's great teaching about marriage on the Community of grace website. So far this includes a copy of the Encyclical itself, together with a precis which I have made. I shall add resources in due course and will be happy to add appropriate stuff which you might indicate to me - for instance, other websites or links to other web articles. I am having some A6 flyers printed to raise awareness about the anniversary and will be happy to send you small bundles for the purposes of dissemination.


Tom said...

Cool! You could maybe also make banner so people can use them online.

Also, I was looking at you site and I would have one suggestion. Make the photos as big as you want them to be. What you often see are larger pictures that take long time to load only reduced in size.

For example this photo: http://www.communityofgrace.org.uk/Father3.jpg

God bless!

Anonymous said...