Monday, 3 March 2008

The Priesthood is born from the heart of Christ.

Following the reflections from the Ars Priest's Retreat, Fr Frost spoke about how the Gospels show us how the Priesthood is born in the heart of the Church from the Heart of Christ.
Before the Passion Christ says to His apostles: "It is good that I go away, or the Advocate will not come to you." Christ promises them that which will bring about their adulthood in the Christian Life.
For the Church is dependent upon Him as His Body, and she is identified with Him as His Spouse.
After the Resurrection Christ greets His apostles and breathes into them the Holy Spirit - "That which I gave on the Cross, I now give to you directly." The Priesthood derives directly from the Body of Christ on the Cross - it is the foundation of holiness in the Church. The Church becomes a living being through the Priestly Ministry.
The Church is born from the side of Christ as He dies, but she appears in public on the Day of Pentecost - Pentecost then is the fulfillment of Christ's Mission. (From the Resurrection to the Ascension, Christ spent forty days instructing His apostles about how the Scriptures were to be fulfilled.) For on the Day of Pentecost, all the gifts with which Christ had endowed His Church became fully alive and effective within the Church, and the foundation of the Church's life and mission is the Priesthood.

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