Friday 15 August 2008

A centre of Christian Life

I have slipped into the life of Campion College very easily - I take this as a sign of the vibrancy of the life of the Church here on the Campus, a centre of the Christian Life and a centre of formation for the Church today. For me, spending a day in the air, crossing the Equator and travelling to the other side of the planet happened and I scarcely noticed it. Far greater was the contrast in having left a place where the Church seemed alseep, to arriving in a place where the Church is immediately tangible and apparent. I haven't had the time yet to allow Australia to have an impact on me - Campion College has received and welcomed me from a far-flung corner of Europe, and I'm already at the living, breathing heart of the Catholic community of the students and staff of Australia's first Catholic Liberal Arts College. My appointment is as Chaplain to the College.

It is already evident to me that the College, like its patron - St Edmund Campion, who was at the forefront of the Mission of the Church in England during the second part of the sixteenth century, is leading the way in enabling young people to prepare themselves for the needs of the Church today. To endeavour to form leaders for the Church is a very courageous project, and I have been struck especially by the way in which the College resources and supports the students in terms of human, spiritual, intellectual, communal and recreational formation.

Young people in the UK who are looking for a place to study should definitely consider Campion College - this is a real Catholic centre of formation. Check out the website:


Anonymous said...

More power to you, Fr Richard. Go for it. We are praying for you.

Anonymous said...

And you're spared the misery of what's going on in Leeds with the closing of Allerton Bywater and other parishes.

May God richly bless your work and the students.

Fr Richard Aladics said...

Yes, I am very pleased to be out of Leeds at this time.