Wednesday 27 August 2008

Side by side

I celebrate the extraordinary form of the Mass every week in the College chapel at Campion. This has been a tremendous experience for me; hitherto, I have been celebrating Mass in the Old Rite just a few times a year and have never before had the opportunity to develop an intimacy or rythmn with the Old Liturgy. I look forward to developing a much better honed practice and understanding of this form of the Mass together with the students, who almost fill the chapel when this Liturgy is celebrated.


Latin Mass contact said...

Your posting is most welcome. To see a Leeds priest at the other side of the world offering the 1962Mass in 2008 before young and enthusiasic participants fills my soul with joy. Is there an equivalent of the LMS in Sydney? Even a Gerry and Walter duo?
The traditional Mass is increasingly proving itself to be a magnet to the Priesthood and religious life.
I was recently able to chat with an Australian cleric who said that spiritually many parts of his homeland is a wasteland. My prayer is that your ministry will help to fill a spiritual vacuum

At the recent Oxford Oxford Conference I was able to talk to Fr. Osman who remembers you as his altar boy at Our Lady of Lourdes. Fr. Osman himself is now a regular celebrant of the TLM. At the risk of being accused of being opportunistic the TLM is now offered each last Sunday of the month at Our Lady of Lourdes, Cardigan Road, Leeds at 3.00p.m. You are in our prayers.

Fr Richard Aladics said...

Neil, v good to hear from you. I'll look into an eqivalent of the LMS over here and get back to you. The Fraternity of St peter exists in the Dioceses of Sydney and I have already met some of their priests.
It is said that the Fraternity's Sunday Solemn High Mass at Lewisham in Sydney is the most beautiful in all the world! I'll pay them a visit!

Kate Edwards said...

Dear Father, great to stumble across this blog and read about good things happening at Campion! Do hope you enjoy your stay here.

Unfortunately there is no longer an LMS equivalent in Australia. Perhaps one needs to be created...

Anonymous said...

As someone who attends Mass at Lewisham, my opinion is that it is the most beautiful celebration of the Mass in the world. And of the chaplains and 'parishioners': some of the most holy, amiable and charming people I've met.

Congratulations, Father! It is wonderful to hear of yet another priest offering the Extraordinary Form - especially to young people open to the traditions of the Church.