Thursday 21 August 2008

If I were in England I would ...

... want to participate in this:
The Faith, The Family, The Future 25th-26th October 2008 at All Saints Pastoral Centre, London Colney, St. Albans A conference of hope for young people and families, focusing on:
• Fostering and exploring the beauty of the Church’s vision for marriage and the family
• Passing on the faith to the next generation and the role of the family in this work
• Promoting the growth of Catholic culture and vocations through the family
• Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Humane Vitae.

Over the weekend there will be many speakers, representing a broad panorama of Catholic thought and culture. With programs specially tailored to each age group, combined with the opportunity for retreat, spiritual reflection and renewal, the weekend provides a great opportunity for Catholics to renew their spiritual life, strengthening their families through meeting other young Catholics who share their hopes and views.For details, and booking, see the dedicated website or email

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