Monday 16 November 2009


What a spectacular movie! I went to see the new 'end of the world' film yesterday and was thoroughly entertained. It contains possibly the best special effects that I have yet seen from Hollywood, although it is very low on acting. Youtube videos of volcanos and tsunamis are paltry in comparison with the way the earth is devastated in '2012'.
However, as a portrayal of the end of the world/age, the makers of this film have got things the wrong way round. In the film, the end of this age ushers in the Kingdom of Man without God, a new world order in which man, liberated from any residual reference to God, can make a fresh start. It is noteworthy that any characters in the film who are still 'tied' to God, in prayer for instance, are all swept away in one of many enormous tsunamis. Only those who 'wisely' rely on themselves survive. It is a film made for a world that is expecting its own judgement.
The truth about the end of the world is quite the opposite of this; God will establish His Kingdom through a total renewal of Creation. For those who rely on Him there will be nothing to fear, for God, and not man nor any other power, will be victorious.
The Great Tribulation, the AntiChrist and the appearing of the Restrainer, are certainly a part of the age in which we are living, but this period of Tribulation cannot prevail against God and the establishment of His Kingdom - which will occur at the end of time. In fact, Satan is already defeated, so what we experience in this age is a Spiritual warfare - that there are forces which are trying to hold out against God, in the face of defeat. The Resurrection of Christ from the dead is the central event of human history, and Christ is offered to us, by God, as the way in which to live during these times. Christ died and rose that God may be all in all. At the end of this age, Christ will destroy all fallen powers, sin and death, and will inaugurate the Kingdom of God: the world made new. Those who have lived in Christ will be raised from the dead, in glory. Their resurrected bodies, and souls, will be subject to God and not to sin. There will be no dishonour, decay, disease or death. We will be free to live complete communion with God and with one another. This age in which we are living is then an age of the testing of human beings - to be for God or against Him, and for our proving in grace.
But it is not at all surprising then, that we should see cultural forms which express a lie about the present age and the age to come, placing human self-affirmation as the essential ingredient of human history, and expressing the spirit of the anti-Christ. Who are these film-makers and Hollywood subject to? To which authority do they submit? God or the anti-Christ.
By the way, our planet is amongst the most stable planets in the known Universe.


torchofthefaith said...

Dear Father

Thanks for this!

What a great and encouraging way to use a contemporary cultural example and use it for positive evangelisation and catechesis.

We've been away from the web for a while as we have had a very busy year. We're back now and greatly encouraged to see you are still 'on the air'!

Blighty continues her spiritual and cultural demise and thus seems more like Soviet Russia every day. But we are also witnessing many signs of new grassroots growth and life as God's Grace continues to move hearts.

What an exciting gift it is to be a Catholic! Deo Gratias!

God bless
Alan and Angeline

John Jang said...

Thank you Father for your insight into this movie. I purposefully avoided seeing this movie in the fear that it had anti-Christian views on the world and humanity. Should I be avoiding such things or am I hiding from reality?

Fr Richard Aladics said...

John, all films are unreal and some are not evil. This one is not evil, but it is unreal. What is most important is that we are able approach all the forms of the mass media with hearts and minds formed in Christ. Then we are able to perceive the value of those media, rather than allow them to form us.
Fr R