Tuesday 1 December 2009

Pressing on

The academic year might have finished but it's full steam ahead for the young Church. Last week I took part in a week-long parish mission - the Parish of Christ the King, Sydney - which lead me into schools, to house visiting, to street evangelisation and to address the parish on the subject of the Church's call to mission.
Also, a month-long residential formation course has begun on the outskirts of the city, the third time this course has been held. The course looks to form young people for the life of the Church in Sydney. The other day I gave some teaching to the young people on the subject of the New Evangelisation.
Last night, I took part in a end of term thanksgiving event for the "Theology on Tap" group. This group, which is inspired lead by young people, has created a new context for the formation of young Catholics in the Sydney area. There was much to celebrate as a lot of hard work goes into holding the monthly TOT sessions. Here I am below pictured with Fr Percy and some of the Nashville Dominican Sisters. We were joined by many of the Capuchin Novices from Sydney.

This coming weekend I shall be taking part in the iWitness Conference, also in Sydney. Again, this is organised by young Catholics and will be the second such conference to be held in the wake of WYDSYD.

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