Sunday 23 May 2010

The heart of the College

A few posts ago I said that the heart of Campion College was the celebration of Mass; and so it is. But not simply in the sense that we have the celebration of Mass every day, at a time in the day when nothing else is scheduled. No, it is also the heart of the College in the sense that as a community and as individuals we are being formed in the very core of our being - our relationship with Christ.
In the Mass Christ and the Church come together; it is the high point of the Christian life. His love is revealed, expressed and given in a tangible, sacramental but real way. The Mass is the moment when the movements of Christ's heart, his inner life, are experienced by the Church. At the same time, we who are present at the celebration of the Paschal Mystery, at this 'exposure' to Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit, are being formed in our affective, heart-felt, response to the gift of Christ's love. This takes place, above all, when we receive our Eucharistic Lord into that place in ourselves which we open to Him - our hearts.
Being able to respond to Christ's love means that a person is already different, that he or she has and is being transformed by grace. Such a person, such a community, is living in a new way. A community and a person who loves God, is in a totally different position as they approach the rest of their life, and all their activities are marked by grace.
We at Campion College, although aware of our human frailty, endeavour to offer our sinful human nature to Christ in the Mass, in which we know that our hearts can be engaged by the power of Divine love. The platform which we seek to base our studies on, is that we might have Eucharistic hearts.

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