Monday, 30 April 2012

Three views for Christ: 2

A second vision for the Christian formation of young people looks to Houses of Discipleship. Residential houses for young men and women separately, in which young people who have left home and are either students or are working are able to establish a formation community together in order grow as men and women, and to grow in faith as Christian men and women.
Each house would live a simple rule of life and be led by a more mature person(s) who was competent for the role. Each person would have to self-fund their part in the house in order for it to be economically viable. Individuals could commit to live in such a house of discipleship, while working or studying, for one or more years.
The vision for each house and its life would need to be clear and simple; the basis of this vision is to enable the faith to take root, become incarnate, in the person's life. The rule of life would not be specifically directed, for instance to priesthood, religious life or marriage, but rather to enabling a fuller discernment, so that members of such a house would be well-disposed upon leaving, to take up whatever path in life God was calling them to (including that of becoming a part of a Youth Mission Team, for instance.)
The important factors in the creation of such an initiative are the acquiring of a property, having a clear vision and having appropriate and properly formed leadership. 

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