Monday, 6 May 2013

The third dimension.

The third dimension of Christian attitude is the oecumenical attitude. This attitude has been subject to misrepresentation and has been understood as an active seeking of relativism within Christianity rather than truth.
The oecumenical attitude, in fact, emphasises fullness. It is rooted in the Fatherhood of God, which is offered to all men and women. This attitude then, expresses love/charity for all. It is an attitude of respect for the person and his or her inner liberty, but represents a seeking to draw people to the fullness of revealed truth. 
This dimension of Christian attitude flows from a deep rooted embrace of the fullness of the Church's faith. Indeed, it is only a lived experience of Catholic truth that can feed the oecumenical attitude, first towards the members of the Catholic Church and then to all people, including those who seem furthest from a relationship with the Living God. 

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