Monday 13 May 2013

York 4th May.

Isn't this wonderful; a procession in honour of England's greatest citizen, St Margaret Clithrow, passing down through The Shambles in York and coming to stop and pray outside her shrine there.
The Procession followed Holy Mass of the English Martyrs, which was celebrated in St Wilfred's church near the Minster. It was Saturday, early afternoon, and York was thronging with locals and visitors. The event was genuinely impacting; I had a sense that many people who saw the procession and the statue of the saint thought that they were witnessing something which was entirely proper and usual in this city - which, of course, it is. On this day York really did come to life and they were there to witness it.
Thanks go to the Latin Mass Society, toThe Rudgate Singers, to the procession organisers, and to the many people who travelled to participate in this National Pilgrimage in honour of "the pearl of York".

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