Tuesday, 3 September 2013

A Festival of grace.

This photograph is the only one which I took during the Youth 2000 Festival at Walsingham last week - this is a shame since the lowering sky which you see above was, the next day, to give way to lovely August sun. The photograph captures the moment when the procession with the Blessed Sacrament moved from the Shrine to the Youth 2000 main Tent. What the photograph doesn't show are the thousand young people inside the tent waiting to greet the procession as it entered. A further two hundred young people would come to join in the Festival on the following day.
Apart from the years when I was in Australia, I have participated and served this Festival every year since it began in 1999. This year's event was, perhaps, the best that I can remember. At least half of the young participants had never been before, they were manifestly focussed on the Lord's Eucharistic presence in the main Tent, and whole event  took place seamlessly through the agency of the organising Team. Particular thanks are due to that organising Team from the Church in this country, for their time, dedication and skills.
Visit the Youth 2000 website to see details of other events which will be taking place in the country later this year. 

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