Thursday 14 November 2013


On 5th September 1589 Ufton Court was raided by Tudor England's equivalent of the Gestapo. A priest, Fr George Lingam was staying there and sought refuge in a hide in the uppermost part of the house.
The hide in which he is thought to have been hidden during the search that took place is next to the main chimney stack in the attic space. The entrance can be seen in the above photo; it is the central wall panel in the photo, the one whose top right-hand corner has been removed so that the panel fits in the wooden frame.
When open a space opens up between the chimney stack and the roof itself and into which a person could easily be hidden.
The original bolt and spring mechanisms, although broken, are still present on the inside of the door. These bolts are ingeniously made and, together with the close fitting panel door, show a level of skill and care in order to provide a secure hiding place.

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