Saturday 9 November 2013

Ufton Court

South of Oxford and into Berkshire there stands Ufton Court, and Elizabethan Manor House completed in 1576, which still contains the finest run of hides after Harvington Hall.
The house was the home of the Perkins family up until 1769. It is now owned by Ufton Educational Trust, a charity which provides opportunities for children and young people. I wrote in advance to book my visit and am grateful to Rev. Anthony Peabody for taking me on an extensive tour of the whole house.
This second photo shows the south wing of the house. The former chapel is in the attic of the south-east wing - in the left of the photo. The hides, for the most part, are connected with the central chimney stack which you can see in the photo.
The house is a delight, both inside and out. If you wish to visit you will need to contact the Trust at Ufton beforehand.
I shall post now on the various hides which represent the faith of the Elizabethan and Jacobean owners of Ufton.

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