Monday 25 November 2013

Finally, the chapel.

The old recusant chapel at Ufton Court is in the south-east wing in the top floor. The four-gabled attic in the photo above is the old chapel. The room, which is a lovely space is now used as an office. But in the picture below you can see towards the east window, where the old altar would have been.
Near the chapel is the priest's bedroom, and just by it a small oratory for his use. This still has its original painted paneling, which probably dates from the late 1600s or early 1700s. It is a very small room and would most likely have been used only by the priest. 
This post concludes my presentation of the Catholic life of Ufton Court during Penal times. The house is not now Catholic owned but is run by a Trust. I was struck however, during my visit, that most of the rooms had a small cross in them, and the children who have the pleasure of visiting the house are certainly introduced to its Catholic past.

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