Saturday, 16 June 2007

81 covers

This past week I have been on full thrabber with lots of stuff going on. But Thursday was a day of exceptional thrabber! Fr Julian and myself have done a lot of cooking together since 1998, but last Thursday saw the realisation of our greatest culinary project to date. We were called upon to cook the Birmingham University CathSoc Annual Dinner; and eighty one people sat down to eat a formal four-course meal.
In the past I have cooked for gatherings of up to about forty people - but cooking for eighty is hearty endeavour! We were at it all day.
My special thanks go to Dominic, the President of CathSoc who helped me throughout the day, and who hosted the Dinner with great style, to Miriam who undertook the preparation of unctious food with great dedication, to Tomas, Paul and Marek for the hard days work which you put in, and to David (who I have cooked with before) who laboured over the hot griddle in the final moments of the cooking.
The Dinner was a great achievement and I think that Fr Julian is very blessed to have such a great host of Catholic young people working with him. You worked with me magnificently, and the Natalie and the girls who decorated the dining room are to be commended highly.
This event is a sign of the New Evangelisation in Birmingham University - may you all go from strength to strength.

Cooking for young people is a great joy for me - you show such great appreciation and there was so much grace bouncing around.


Sharon said...

What is a 'thrabber'?

Fr Richard Aladics said...

It isn't a thing, it's a verb. The related noun is a "thrabberment".

Anonymous said...

Can you all come round to mine to cook please?lol

God bless

Anonymous said...

You didn't mention what you were thrabbering? Was the menu suitably unctious?

Fr Richard Aladics said...

First course: dressed medi assiette
Second course: roast rak of lamb with tender minted couscous.
Third course: semillion poached pears buffered with almond-choco-fraiche. Fourth course: magnifi-cheeses.
Sauvignion to begin, followed by an earnest Mendoza Merlot.
Vegetarian options were avalable throughout.

Tom said...

Great stuff. And I especially like the last pic ^.^