Friday 4 April 2008

And another thing...

You can read about the great pilgrimage of grace which Fr R and I led to Ars last week below. I'd like to record a word of thanks to all the lay people who supported this, and the other pilgrimage to London. These pilgrimages can be rather pricey, but the reward of accompanying young people in this way is immense. So thanks to the people - particularly the Mercy sisters, co-workers of Mother Teresa, members of Birmingham Charismatic Renewal, and attendees at the Maryvale Divine Mercy Sunday - who donated over £2,000 towards the costs. In fact there is money still left for the other ventures we are planning, including another pilgrimage for young men to Ars. So - MANY THANKS!
If you would like to donate to our Pilgrimage Fund to help pay for a young person to deepen their Faith, then please use the "Donate" button to make a Paypal donation, or drop one of us a line to send a donation.

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