Friday 4 April 2008

The sheepfold

Reading some of Tony Blair's talk which he gave at Westminster Cathedral yesterday evening puts me in mind of St John 's Gospel, chapter 10, about entering the sheepfold through the Gate or by another means.
Blair's simple apologia expressed in these words does not demonstrate that he has renounced his part within the culture of death in favour of Christ:
There is nothing I look back on now and say that as a result of my religious journey I would have done things very differently but that is expressly not to say that I got everything right.
If Faith is here being manipulated skilfully by an architect of the culture of death, to make it appear as something which we can fashion for our own ends, then there will be more darkness. Faith is a grace from God which enables a person to embrace a relationship with Christ, a relationship which coverts, heals and saves. Our appreciation of the Gate to the Sheepfold can never be overstated - in fact, here lies the heart of the renewal of life and culture.

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