Wednesday 17 September 2008

First sight

Today I had my first sight, and touch, of the Pacific Ocean. Myself and another member of staff went out to reconnoitre an area near the Hawksbury Harbour entrance for a possible place to launch some canoes which the College has acquired. Here are some photos of "Palm Beach" where they film scenes for the mindless Soap "Home and Away". It is always a very impressive experience when one first encounters a mighty Ocean. The day was somewhat overcast, as you can tell, but the location is absolutely fantastic and I look forward to going back with groups from the College and getting out there with the surfers.


Anonymous said...

Has that last picture been photoshopped?? If not, I don't think you will have many takers for surfing. lol

Fr Richard Aladics said...

If you ignore them, they ignore you. Or so I'm told.

Anonymous said...

I think something was lost in the translation. Shouldn't that be: "If you ignore them, they eat you?"