Sunday 21 September 2008

Spear fishing at Long Reef beach

It's extraordinary where Friendship with Christ takes you! On Sunday afternoon a few of us went with some friends of the College to do some fishing off Long Reef Point on Sydney's northern headland, in the open ocean. Armed with spears and spear-guns we got ready for the hunt. I have never used a snorkel before - so the the venture included some beginners training for me. Having swum out some hundred yards from the beach we began to catch fish. The photo below shows us launching our support boat which enabled us to accompany the fishing almost a quarter of a mile out. I didn't take the camera out on the boat so lost the opportunity of some extraordinary photos.
We caught about ten fish including this cuttlefish which you can see me preparing above. The previous photo shows our main trophy, held by Matt who used to work at the College. We prepared the fish while hungry pelicans waited on the lamppost above us avoiding an angry little terrier.
All in all, an extraordinary but grace-filled day.

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