Saturday 20 September 2008

The Living Poets Society

Last night we had a bonfire on Campus and, since the study of English Literature is a component of the Degree at Campion, we sat round the fire and read poetry to oneanother. The setting was completely absorbing: a warm, still night, near the lake under the trees. Everyone chose their favourite writers; some knew their pieces off by heart. Australian poets and classical English writers. I chose a part of "Mort d'Arthur" by Tennyson - " ... and on a sudden, lo, the level lake and the long glories of the winter moon ..." etc. Our recitations, together with some Tandoori chicken which I had prepared and some Australian beer, set the scene for some very good culture on Campus.


Anonymous said...

I can remember my father reciting Banjo Patterson's poetry for us when we were children. No one could touch him reciting Mulga Bill's Bicycle or The Man From Snowey River.

Anonymous said...

life of riley you're living down there Fr R
Anne M