Tuesday 9 September 2008

Friendship with Christ

The Gospel of today's Mass - the call of the first disciples - leads us into the Mystery of evangelisation through friendship. Christ himself evangelises through friendship. We hear how he spent the whole night in prayer - He is living an intimate relationship with His Father - he comes down from the hills and calls his first disciples - he wishes to share the relationship which he has with His Father with others. He chooses those who are open to his call. Those who ask questions or who have other matters to attend to first He leaves behind. Those whom He chooses do not know what lies ahead but they receive the call to live in community with Him and to have a deeper experience of His life and of His person. We respond to His call when we allow Him to establish our lives on His friendship and seek to build a simple rule of life with Him which will allow us to spend time with Him. Beginning the day in prayer, entering into the Gospel, taking part in daily Mass, if we can, spending some time in prayer with Him - especially in front of the Tabernacle, if we can, and ending the day with a short examination of conscience and thanksgiving. This friendship is at the heart of being a Catholic today.


Alan H said...

Dear Father Richard
We've just launched www.torchofthefaith.com and we've just added your blog to our links page as we think what you do is great!
We now have a news/blog page which gets updated almost daily.
Don't know if you remember me - I was leaving the front door from Pantasaph in Wales (a little fuddled as I had to get to the bank just as you arrived with Fr. Julian in the Spring of this year!) We also spoke on the phone years ago when I worked at LIFE as a PR/Education officer. Since then Angie and I have stepped out in faith to set up this new ministry - an acorn for the Lord right now! We'll keep you in prayer down there in Oz, from here in Wales - (the original Wales!!!). Yours in Jesus, Alan and Angeline!

Anonymous said...

Hello Father,
Once again you are so correct in your thoughts and I am so pleased things have developed for you since you left St Brigids in Leeds. I am sure God is using you more fully now and perhaps you needed that time to prepare for this period in your life.
We have no PP here at present so please pray for us in our need.

With regards to this post, one of the aspects of this 'Life in Christ' as you have pointed out is a developing commitment to Him as part fo our Faith Journey. As this journey progresses there can be a sense of JOY that develops, as the relationship with Him deepens. This JOY is much stronger and more resilient than simply a 'feeling' of happiness for which most people crave.
It can develop in the same way as muscles and bodily strength increases as they are used more and more.
One of the ways I came across, to focus on how we can achieve the sense of 'JOY' is to use the word itself with reference to our thoughts and actions. This might connect with the text of the posting quite well:
J (Jesus is first)
O (Others are next)
Y (Yourself is last)
Thanks to Peter Kreeft for this thought but I felt it appropriate to share this given the contents of this posting.
Yours in the Lord.

Bernadette said...

To let you know, Fr Richard, you have continued prayer support from the UK in your mission.

You are an example to many of us. And it it is encouraging.

Keep going !! Most here have gone to sleep, bless 'em.