Friday 17 October 2008


This book is quite the opposite of how we find woman expressed in the Soap Operas or in magazines and supermarket culture. After writing his book on the masculine soul, "Wild at Heart", John Eldredge got together with his wife, Stasi, to co-write this book. These Christian spouses and authors have had the courage to enter into their own lives and to express themselves at the level of Christian anthropology.
The lived experience of sinful humanity and of grace has enabled them to express womanhood at a very deep level and in a genuine way. The narrative at times expresses how painful hos been the journey, but even more apparent is the overwhelming influence of grace.
This book is very readable, by both men and women, young and mature; it goes a long way to shining light upon the truth about woman in a secular and distorted age. Indeed, I would say that this book is the fruit of grace.

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Here is a marvellous book about "woman":

Kristin Lavransdatter.