Saturday, 25 October 2008

A little gem

The other day I was browsing through the fascinating library which we have here at Campion College when my eyes alighted upon a slim volume which I was prompted to borrow and read - this little gem is such wonderful book about Prayer that it deserves a post on the Blog.
First Steps in Prayer by Jean-Marie Lustiger (the late Cardinal Archbishop of Paris), Fount Paperbacks, 1987, is a truly beautiful exposition of the basics about Christian Prayer. The Cardinal takes his reader through the day, and shines light on how we can open up our day more and more to God. I recommend this book to old hands and new alike, for the author has written it to help many reclaim the time of their lives for God.
He writes: "Everyday we are subjected to oppresive demands from the artificiality which chracterises our civilisation, but God comes to us in the deepest part of our being: our freedom. But it remains for us to consent to reserving that secret, innermost place within ourselves and to meeting God there."
May this humble servant of the Lord be enjoying now the rewards of his labours.
'Prayer is the first missionary duty of each one of us. It is first of all through prayer that the way for the Gospel is prepared; it is through prayer that hearts are opened to the mystery of God and that souls are disposed to receive his Word of salvation.' B16

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Anonymous said...

I pray that I do give my copy, which I have not read yet, away this Christmas to a non-practising Catholic.