Saturday, 15 November 2008

Searching for a good 2009

When did you last see a diary printed like this one with the week beginning with Sunday - the first day of the week - and ending with Saturday? I'm looking for a diary for next year and all those which I have seen begin with the second day of the week - Monday - with Sunday squeezed into a part of Saturday's space at the end of the week. Don't buy these pagan diaries as Christmas presents - go on a search for diaries which put Sunday as the first day of the week. If you come across a shop which sells such diaries, please add a Comment on this Blog so that we can know where to shop.

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Bern said...

You can purchase the Scripture Diary which my Stepmother has been giving me for a Christmas present for a number of yrs. Starts with Sunday
Published by Scripture Diary Ministeries, Briar Hill, Victoria Australia. The copyright for this yearly publication start from 1986.
God Bless Bernadette