Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Against the neo-Pelagians

"And if you hear any Catholic say or teach something that goes against the teaching and discipline of the Church, as safe-guarded by the Pope, politely, but firmly, challenge them, be they a lay catechist, teacher, deacon, priest or even a bishop."
My last post was a comment on a sermon by St Augustine who on many occasions spoke against Pelagianism. In our day, when neo-Pelagianism is so strong in the Church in the UK, making humanity the measure of the Gospel, Bishop O'Donoghue is loudly teaching people about grace and how to embrace the Mystery of Christ. Thanks go to the Newman Society of Oxford University for inviting Bishop Patrick O'Donoghue to speak in Oxford last month and enable the vision for the Church in the UK to be proclaimed by this courageous Bishop to a whole generation of students.

You can read his entire discourse on the "Christendom Awake" website. It is a long time since the Catholic Faith had episcopal leadership in England; we should thank God for this 'second-spring' and pray that many will follow Bishop O'Donoghue's indications and take "Fit for Mission? Church" as their personal blueprint for building up the Church. Following on from my last post, I would recommend that fathers of families take up this kind of leadership within families and for the Church - since families are the primary building bricks of the Church.

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