Friday 23 April 2010

At the heart

A few weeks ago I promised to put some photos on the Blog of our chapel at Campion College. The whole campus at Campion is a leafy peaceful oasis in the vast suburban spread of western Sydney, and the heart of the campus is our beautiful chapel where the Blessed Sacrament is reserved and where Mass is celebrated each day. It is not a large chapel, accomodating comfortably about seventy persons, so on some College occasions we have to set up an outdoor sanctuary. The chapel is particularly lovely for our weekly periods of Adoration and the beauitful organ at the rear of the chapel regularly accompanies the Campion Schola. The chapel is always open and you are very welcome to visit.


Martin said...

Thank you Father for the beautiful photos of the renovated chapel at Toongabbie. It looks different from our day (which was also very tasteful)but the prayerful, tasteful and serene atmosphere is all there. We had a similar altar and tabernacle arrangement as well.

Wonderful photos.

Fr Joseph OP said...

I love this chapel! I have very fond memories of it.

Anne said...

looks better thant the one you left behind in Huddersfield!!!!!!!!!!!