Tuesday 20 April 2010

Over the misty mountains

A number of years ago when, year by year, I went to see the three parts of "The Lord of Rings" as they were released, if someone had said to me then that I would visit some of the places where the film was made, I would have said that they were dreaming. Well, I have been to the plain near Twizel which was the "Pelennor Fields", to the river at Arrowtown which was the "Ford of Bruinen", and I have flown over the "Misty Mountains"! I'm sure that if NZ were nearer Europe it would be the No.1 outdoor holiday location. The food is lovely as are the Chardonnays and Pinots. The whole terrain is life-enhancing to an extraordinary degree. But one of the highlights of our week was a light aircraft flight from Queenstown, north over the mountains and glaciers, then swinging south over the west coast and flying into Milford Sound - NZ's famous fjord, there to take a cruise to the entrance to the fjord and back, before flying back over NZ's alps to Queenstown. Unforgetable! If you can get there, go to NZ. I, for one, would like to return.

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